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We have no idea how this happened. Normally our reanimated critters tend to look fairly close to what they were in life... imagine our surprise when the sneks we thought we'd raise came back with wings, and some kinda weird ectoplasmic crest.

These guys are over two feet long, and have a wingspan just a lil’ shorter than that. Their wings are fully articulated, with a realistic range of movement; they can fold them tight to their backs, curl them around themselves like a sleeping bat, even hold small items with their thumbs.

Their heads are cast from our original sculpt, hand painted, with a snazzy ectoplasm crown. Their bodies are sewn from a selection of high quality faux furs, and articulated using ball and socket armature. These guys are the perfect length for hanging out around your shoulders (which apparently they claim is their job? Some sort of shoulder-sitting-spirit-advisor? I’m still somewhat skeptical, given that the last one advised to eat half a dozen cupcakes then light the laundry on fire rather than putting it in the washer. Although that DID save time....).

As every, these guys are handmade, and as such no two are ever exactly like. One of these serpentine specters can be on their way in five to seven business days.
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