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These fellas are based loosely on the group of prehistoric predators known as terror birds that stood between one and three meters high. At roughly 6.5" high standing, and 6.5" long (longer with his neck stretched out) these guys are pint-sized versions with apex predator attitude.

Each one is assembled using ball and socket joints that give em a realistic range of movement, and allow them to hold a pose comfortably. Their heads and feet are cast in resin from our original sculpts, then hand painted and sealed. Their bodies are sewn using vegan friendly faux fur from an original pattern.

As with all homemade horrors, these guy are completely handmade. One of these pint sized terrors be ready to hop in the mailbox in five to seven business days. Please note, shipping outside of Canada does not include tracking.

Please ensure you have read our Terms of Service and FAQ before ordering!
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