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Gallows Golem

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Its said that places can become steeped in the energy of events past. We didn’t consider the full implication of this notion before making a golem from the wood of a gallows tree… although obviously we should have taken more care. Made from a bough arguably immersed in a less than savory energy, neither of us can seem to get used to its creaking, groaning calls, nor the way it seems to appear in places you’d least expect it.
I don’t like things popping out of the darkness at the best of times, but this whole ‘lurking in dark corners’ business is just unsettling.

The gallows golem is approximately 25″ long, from nose to tail, with a 17″ arm span, should he stretch out his claws. He can stand on his tail, curl up, balance on his claws, or hang upside down, and he’s about the perfect length to wrap around your neck… if you want him that close to your neck anyway!

His head and claws are cast resin from our original sculpts, hand painted and assembled using armature that gives him a wide range of poseability and a sturdiness you won’t get with wire. This one we’ve done in a redwood inspired colour scheme, with more warm red and yellow tones, firefly yellow eyes, and a bright copper skeleton key, hidden between his eyes. We don’t know what it opens incidentally, but I would caution you strongly against trying to remove it!

As always, as homemade horrors are handmade no two are ever exactly alike. This eerie creature can be on his way in five to seven business days. Please note that shipping does not include tracking.
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