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Antlered Squiggle Dragons

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Of all the squiggle dragons, the antlered variety certainly has the sweetest nature. Laid back, placid and just generally good-humoured, they seem to thrive on attention. If you're looking for a companionable dragon who's happy either watching you microwave leftovers, or going for a stroll to the off-leash dragon park, this would be the breed for you. These are a brand new sculpt, which we think has the same good-natured, kind look but with much more refined details, and larger horns.

Antlered squiggles are roughly 27" long and about 9" tall from toes to head when standing. They're the perfect size to curl around your neck, hang out on your desk and guard your sock drawer. Their ball and socket armature makes him a perfect companion for ball joint dolls, or for trying your hand at stop motion animation.

Their heads and feet are cast in resin for durability from our original sculpts, hand-painted and sealed in a gloss finish. Each dragon is fully articulated using a plastic armature for realistic poseability, and durability: these guy won't break down with repositioning like wire will, and they holds a pose beautifully!

As with all our homemade horrors, no two are exactly alike. One of these cheery beasts will be ready to ship in five to seven business days from purchase date. Please note, shipping cost does not include tracking.
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